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Hey You! Yes you, a fellow fan of Sunset Beach, NC and all the beauty to be enjoyed right here on the southernmost North Carolina 2 1/2 mile Island with naturally accruing Oceanfront Dunes, a wide shoreline and a gentle surf. Maybe you've vacationed here for 30 years with remarkable memories you'll cherish forever. Perhaps you've only visited our area a few times and you're planning another trip here. Possibly you've been here just once, and that was all it took! That feeling you get at Sunset Beach...like you've discovered a Secret Haven at the Sea that most have never heard of. We know that feeling. We felt it the first time we visited and every morning since even as year-round Island Residents. Yep- there are a few of us. Whether you have dreamed of owning a Sunset Beach Island Vacation Home and look for vacation rental income to offset expenses, you want a private Island Retreat all to yourself, or you'd like to build your own custom Beach House, but you're not sure if you can. We hear you! We are here to help you find the answers to your questions and find the right Sunset Beach Real Estate for you. Dave Nelson has been listing, selling & building Sunset Beach Island Properties for over 27 years. The dedication and commitment to helping others make their dream of owning at Sunset Beach, NC a reality has earned him the strong reputation he has today. Dave Nelson has simply listed and sold more Sunset Beach Island Property than oth ...read more

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